Texas Workplace Safety Training Program

Texas Workplace Safety Training Program

Workplace violence is more prevalent than many people realize. Providing employees an environment that is safe and comfortable should not be something we think about – it should just naturally exist. Unfortunately, in many places, this is not the case.


By enrolling in the Texas Workplace Safety Training Program, you will learn how to create a security-minded culture from the top-down. You will receive comprehensive guidance on protecting your employees and instituting a working atmosphere conducive to efficiency, productivity, safety, and proactivity.


My team is uniquely qualified to help you establish a security-minded culture in your Texas workplace, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve a positive working environment that lasts.

Course Information

Designed for mid- to executive-level managers: the responsibility for establishing a safety-minded culture starts at the top. Managers will learn to add security as a focus in the existing culture and facilitate an environment that promotes a mind shift change for employees.


4 sections of intensive learning: you will learn the realities of workplace violence and what you, as managers and business owners, are required to do about it.

  1. Prevent: fostering a culture of respect, creating a reliable reporting system, and instituting training, drills, and reviewing the plans on a regular basis
  2. Detection: recognizing suspicious behavior, the levels of instability, and the importance of reporting what you see
  3. Mitigate & Protect: establishing programs that plan for workplace violence and how to prevent it, as well as creating safety & security committees
  4. Assess & Suppress: learning how to assess a threatening situation and understanding the role of incident response teams; putting in place the emergency action plans

Conclusion: after reviewing the information, you will take a comprehensive quiz – allowing you to demonstrate your knowledge on preventing workplace violence.

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Let us help you do the right thing by creating a safe working environment for your employees.

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Meet the Instructor

The former head of security for a Fortune 500 company, Nikki Burgett has spent 24 years in the private sector helping companies protect their employees. She has worked with leadership, human resources, operations, and legal departments to create successful security initiatives that last, to ensure that all employees receive training to protect them from all forms of workplace violence and develop procedures to help them prevent it.


She has since transitioned into law enforcement and completed her Masters in Criminal Justice Behavioral Sciences. She now spends her time teaching several online courses on preventing workplace violence and consulting on the topic.