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Prevention Is More Cost-Effective Than Response

In 2016, the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) estimated workplace violence-related costs to be about $170 billion. This includes the monetary cost of lost productivity, loss of life, counseling, legal fees, fines, court awards, and management time spent with the crises. Workplace violence, in its many forms, will negatively impact an organization in terms of low morale, increased job stress and employee turnover, reduced trust in management and coworkers, and a hostile working environment.

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The Duty to Protect

OSHA’s General Duty Clause has set forth strict guidelines which state we have a duty to protect our employees from all recognized hazards and court decisions have set a precedence that workplace violence is a recognized hazard. For those who abide by ISO regulations, there are additional guidelines for assessing workplace violence under the new ISO 9001:2015 Risk Assessment section.  However, providing employees an environment that is protected from violence should not have to mandate in order for us to do it.  It is simply the right thing to do.  Let us help you do the right thing.

We Provide A Multitude of Services

Threat Assessment 

Threat assessment involves three functions: investigation, research, and mitigation. Rather than attempting to predict an individual’s capacity for violence, threat assessment seeks to disrupt people on the road to perpetrate predatory violence; the type of behavior linked to targeted attacks.

Using the Intelligence Cycle and the Threat Matrix, we proactively identify, assess, and manage potential threats to organizations.  You are in business to make money.  This should not be disrupted by those who wish to intimidate, humiliate, harass, or in any way cause you or your employees’ harm.

Critical Site Survey

We conduct infiltration tests and check for areas of opportunity within your facility and current security system.  We provide techniques and procedures for conducting critical site security which provides a template for a more secure facility.

Workplace Violence Prevention Program Development & Implementation

A formal demonstration of management’s commitment to employee involvement, this program encompasses everything from the Workplace Violence Prevention Statement and Employee Training & Education to the Incident Reporting and Recordkeeping System.  We work with your organization to develop a program based on your needs.  This program is a key component to creating a lasting security initiative.  After all, physical security is nothing without the culture to support it.

Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Development

An EAP is a written document required by OSHA [29 CFR 1910.38(a)].  We work with the key individuals within your organization to plan, write, and drill your Emergency Action Plan; one that works with your culture, your facility layout, and within your specific industry.  We will also review an existing EAP to ensure compliance for all contingencies of accidental or force of nature and assist in running all initial and/or annual drills.

Additional Training

Creating a Security-Minded Culture
Workplace Violence Prevention
Spacial Awareness & Personal Safety

Online Consulting Services

Building A Threat Assessment Team

Single Session Online Consulting

Monthly Online Consulting Sessions

We are available for speaking engagements of any of the above-listed topics.

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