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Nikki J. Burgett, PMP, CPP
Behavioral Threat Assessment Specialist
Workplace Violence Prevention Consultant
Law Enforcement Instructor
Behavioral Threat Assessment Specialist
Workplace Violence Prevention Consultant
Law Enforcement Instructor




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About Nikki J. Burgett, PMP, CPP

Nikki J. Burgett, PMP, CPP, is a highly respected security professional with a sterling reputation in her field.  Working as a contractor for the State Department, she has built an impressive career marked by dedication, expertise, and a commitment to safeguarding national interests.  With a Masters in criminal justice behavioral sciences, Nikki brings an unrivaled understanding of prevention and mitigation to security processes.  She consults with law enforcement both foreign and domestic on anti-terrorism and provides training on workplace violence prevention within the private sector. 

Active Shooter Response Training in Oklahoma

Highly Certified.

Nikki is a certified firearms instructor through the U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA); holds two instructor certifications through the Federal Law Education & Training Center (FLETC); active law enforcement credentials through Oklahoma’s Council on Law Enforcement Education & Training (CLEET); is a certified Project Management Profession through PMI Global; is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) through ASIS; is certified through FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute in National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) 100, 200, 300 & 700; and holds current professional memberships in the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), International Law Enforcement Education & Training Association (ILEETA), and International Public Safety Association (IPSA).


We offer a variety of services to create security-minded cultures and responsible individuals.
Active Shooter Response Training in Oklahoma
Workplace Violence Prevention

As the former Head of Security for a Fortune 500 Company, Nikki has spent more than 24 years in the private sector and has continued to consult on Workplace Violence Prevention since starting her own firm in 2017.  She offers several courses including Creating a Security-Minded Culture and Behavioral Pattern Detection.  Nikki will customize courses based on your organization’s specific needs and is available for onsite training.  Additionally, she can assist in establishing Workplace Violence Prevention Programs, writing Emergency Action Plans, and creating and conducting drills or tabletop exercises for your organization.

Oklahoma Workplace Violence Prevention Training
Law Enforcement Instruction

Nikki holds law enforcement credentials from the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education & Training (CLEET) and formerly served as the Training Coordinator for a municipal agency. She is a certified law enforcement instructor for Active Shooter and TacMed through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). She is also a contract instructor for an overseas program, where she teaches anti-terrorism courses to active partner nations.  Nikki developed and is actively teaching several advanced courses for law enforcement.

Oklahoma Active Shooter Training
Firearms Instruction

USCCA Instructor Certified, Nikki teaches basic and intermediate firearms including Conceal Carry for the State of Oklahoma.  Please see the link for all courses.

Threat Assessment Training in Oklahoma
Behavioral Threat Assessment

Most threats aim to intimidate, harass, and embarrass their targets, however, there are those who escalate to violence. Organizations and individuals alike should be able to operate free from such threats.


Using her background in behavioral sciences and law enforcement; Nikki works with organizations and individuals to identify threats, collect data, determine threat level, and mitigate the impact of said threats.  These threats have included animal rights and environmental extremists, anti-vaxxers, corporate espionage, stalkers (known and unknown), and employee/internal threats. Nikki determines the objectives and parameters of assigned investigations and advises on investigative actions and management strategies; gathers, monitors, analyzes, and interprets intelligence before presenting findings and recommendations to key stakeholders.

Active Shooter Training in Oklahoma
Building & Training Threat Assessment & Incident Response Teams

Threat Assessment & Incident Response Teams are made up of existing employees from within an organization from different departments and varying backgrounds.  These individuals are tasked with responding to reports of threats, violence, harassment, or other incidents or behavior that disrupt daily operations and create a hostile working environment for personnel. Team members should be carefully selected and require training in conflict resolution, threat assessment, and procedures to monitor, document, and develop responses to all impending issues.


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    NJ Burgett, LLC is dedicated to the prevention of and response to all types of violence. We are committed to the development of knowledge concerning the indicators of threat behavior, planning in advance of, and responding to acts of violence, because violence has no place in your business!