Texas Active Shooter Training

Texas Active Shooter Training

Society today deals with more violent and threatening situations than is commonly believed. As such, many people go through life thinking “that will never happen to me” – while we hope this is true, it can be a dangerous mindset to have. By believing something will never happen, it is impossible to prepare for it.


Knowing how to prevent, prepare, and respond to potentially violent situations can save your life and the lives of many others. It is always better to be prepared for something, even if the chances of it happening to you are very small.


If you wish to take control of your own safety, then the Texas Active Shooter Training course by Nikki Burgett is for you.

Houston Active Shooter Training

One of the first steps in preparing for threatening situations is learning how to assess behavioral patterns. Becoming security-minded allows you to recognize the change or moment when a situation becomes unsafe.


You can prepare and plan, but if you don’t change your thinking, your intentions will have less of an impact in the moment. By understanding the silent cues our bodies give off, you will be one step ahead and will be ready to put your plans into action – proactive rather than reactive.


Nikki Burgett’s Texas Active Shooter Training Course focuses on changing your thought process – which is what sets this course apart from the others.

San Antonio Active Shooter Training

Active threat incidents last less than 15 minutes on average. In order to respond during this very quick time frame, it’s important to have both a perfect plan, and multiple fluid plans. The Texas Active Shooter Training Course by Nikki Burgett will help you create these plans.


A perfect plan is one where everything you imagined could/would happen did and your plans adequately prepare you to respond. This perfect plan is an important thing to have, but odds are there will be some surprises – which leads to your fluid plans. Nikki Burgett will teach you how to prepare to respond to these surprises.

Dallas Active Shooter Training

No one should have to experience a threatening, violent situation; however, being prepared and being able to recognize any potential threats is life-saving. By enrolling in the Texas Active Shooter Training course, you will learn how to assess behavioral patterns, prevent situations from escalating, prepare for possible threats, and respond in case one becomes active.


Preparing for these situations doesn’t need to be scary, instead, it will make you feel empowered and ready.

Meet Your Instructor

Nikki Burgett has a background in law enforcement and security protection, as well as advanced education in criminal justice and behavioral sciences. This training, education, and experience makes her uniquely qualified to train you in active shooter assessment and prevention.


The development of knowledge concerning the indicators of threatening behavior is always the focus, so whether you are looking for a new company training program, personal safety plan, or instruction in firearms and law enforcement – Nikki Burgett has a course for you.


Violence has no place in business or life, so contact her today and feel better prepared tomorrow!

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