Oklahoma Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Oklahoma Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Unfortunately, workplace violence is still relevant in our society today. As a result, instituting a clear, effective workplace violence training program is important both for the safety of your employees and the safety of your company.


With the Oklahoma Workplace Violence Prevention Training from Nikki Burgett, you will learn how to create a security-minded culture. It was designed to help companies protect their most valuable assets – their employees. This training enables security to become part of the existing culture and facilitates an environment that promotes a mind shift change for employees.


If you are a mid to senior-level executive manager looking to create a safe environment for your employees so they feel comfortable reporting incidents and know who to report them to, this training is for you.

Oklahoma Workplace Violence

Sexual assault, sexual harassment, verbal abuse, and physical altercations, as well as toxic work environments, are all considered to be under the umbrella of workplace violence. Running a successful business means having productive employees who work well together and trust their colleagues. When an incident occurs, it’s important that they feel comfortable reporting it.


Employees can’t be afraid to report suspicious behavior or individuals to the appropriate departments within their company. For employees to know what to recognize and when to report it, you need to give them the tools to do so. From identifying an incident to reporting it to the right person, to training on how to prevent or mitigate the situation from occurring, you can help make your organization a welcome and safe place to work.

Workplace Violence Prevention

During the Oklahoma Workplace Violence Prevention Training, lessons will be broken down into the following categories: what we are up against, what we are required to do, detection, mitigation and protect, assess and suppress, and prevention. It is an all-encompassing course designed to help you create, institute, and practice effective workplace policies.


In order to understand the reality of workplace violence, you will be presented with both the myths and the actual statistics, followed by your role in preventing it. The rest of the course outlines behavioral pattern detection, see something – say something, de-escalation tactics, incident response, and what you can do to prevent workplace violence.


Apart from developing policies and response plans, drills and training sessions are essential to creating a security-minded culture. You can know the plan in your head, but if it is never practiced, it will be much harder to react correctly when something happens.

Learn More About the Instructor

Nikki Burgett is uniquely qualified to work with you and train you on preventing and recognizing workplace violence and how to create safe workplace violence policies. Nikki has a background in private security, law enforcement, education in behavioral sciences, and several different certifications.


Whether you need to reassess your current workplace violence policy or create a new one, signing up for the Oklahoma Workplace Violence Prevention Training course with Nikki Burgett is a great choice.


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