Oklahoma Online Situation Awareness Training

Oklahoma Online Situation Awareness Training

It is nearly impossible to prepare for something you believe will never happen. Situational awareness and behavioral assessment can be the difference in the escalation of potentially violent and traumatic events. Nikki Burgett has the background and experience needed to train you on recognizing patterns and behaviors that could lead to troubling situations.

As one of her online courses available to you and your organization, the Oklahoma Online Situation Awareness Training will teach you how to evaluate and appropriately identify suspicious behavior. By completing this training, you will have a better sense of how to protect yourself, your place of employment, and your community.

Oklahoma Behavioral Pattern Detection

The development of knowledge concerning the recognition of predictive indicators will improve personal, workplace, and community safety. City police forces undergo rigorous training on this topic, but as civilians who experience a higher chance of encountering threatening situations in everyday life, behavioral pattern detection is unmeasurable in importance.

This training is designed to prevent violence and identify threats before anything happens. Simply responding to an event is not enough – we must do our part to prepare and plan, to be proactive, and prevent injuries and loss of life.

A basic overview of behavioral pattern detection and the science behind it, as well as learning to identify threatening situations and how to de-escalate them will all be covered in the training. Upon completion, you will be adequately prepared to prevent and respond to uncertain circumstances.

Oklahoma Situational Awareness

Unfortunately in today’s society, attacks and violent situations are not uncommon. We as individuals need to do more to protect ourselves and others by learning situational awareness. Rather than reacting, you will learn to proactively recognize potential changes in behavior and prevent a violent situation from coming to fruition.

Without having a background or formal training in shrewd observation skills, we often go through life oblivious to signs of distress or unusual behavior. The Oklahoma Online Situational Awareness Training will provide you with all of this and more. You will learn how to put your plans into action, how to mitigate the event, and how to protect the others around you.

Knowing how to respond and actually responding are two very different things and you need to learn how to do both. By creating an ideal plan in the event that a violent situation arises, as well as multiple fluid plans for if things change course, you will always be situationally aware.

Learn More About the Instructor

Nikki Burgett is uniquely qualified to train you in situational awareness. From head of security at a Fortune 500 company to law enforcement, to an education in behavioral sciences, Nikki Burgett will help you learn how to protect yourself, your workplace, and your community.

Consulting with individuals and companies on how best to prepare for, prevent, and react to threatening situations is what Nikki does.

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