Oklahoma Active Shooter Response Training

Oklahoma Active Shooter Response Training

Every day the newsreel talks about horrible events that resulted in the loss of life. Rather than becoming indifferent to this information and accepting it as though there’s nothing we can do about it, enroll in a course from Nikki Burgett. Become a protector.


On average, active threat incidents last 12.5 minutes, with many lasting less than 2 minutes long. There can be a 4–6 minute delay during an incident before a call is placed to 911. The average response time for law enforcement once dispatch has relayed the information is 15–18 minutes. All of this information means one thing: you are the real first responder.


The Oklahoma Active Shooter Response Training you receive from my team and me will adequately prepare you to face any active threat situation. We help you change your mindset so that you are not only prepared to respond to a threat but you are also able to prevent one from occurring.

Oklahoma Active Shooter Response Training Course Information:

This course is designed for anyone looking to take control of their safety. In today’s society, the threat of violence seems to be lurking around every corner – it’s time we take control back.


4 sections of intensive learning: You will learn the realities of facing an active threat situation and what you can do to protect yourself and others.

  1. Response: Cover vs. concealment, locating and knowing your exit routes, weapons of opportunity, stop blood loss, what to do when law enforcement arrives
  2. Understanding Active Threats: Looking at case studies and reviewing statistics – providing you with an accurate picture of what active threat situations look like
  3. Plan: Transforming your thought process – becoming security-minded, playing the “what if” game, walking through the perfect plan vs. the fluid plan, understanding your limitations, and practicing drills
  4. Prevent: Detecting behaviors and understanding your responsibility in “see something, say something,” walking through steps at the organization level and the individual level

It is impossible to plan for something that you believe will never occur. This course encourages you to take back the reigns on your safety.


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Meet Your Oklahoma Active Shooter Response Training Instructor

The former head of security for a Fortune 500 company, Nikki Burgett, has spent 24 years in the private sector helping companies protect their employees. She has worked with leadership, human resources, operations, and legal departments to create successful security initiatives that last to ensure that all employees receive training to protect them from all forms of workplace violence and develop procedures to help them prevent it.


She has since transitioned into law enforcement and completed her Masters in Criminal Justice Behavioral Sciences. She now spends her time teaching several online courses on preventing workplace violence and consulting on the topic.